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Friday, October 14, 2016

Treple - Original Number Puzzle Game by Fluid Pixel Limited Free

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Gareth Slack: Game Developer/Artist and Stuart Varrall: Designer/Chief Complainer are the brains behind Treple - Original Number Puzzle Game , which is a point scoring puzzle app game.

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The game board is a 5x5 grid with numbers 1-5. The object is to change 1 number to form a string of 3 consecutive numbers.

Look at the last image. The instructions: add 1.  Obviously, tap the 2 on the right.

Adding 1 to a 5, makes it a 1.

Scoring Points: There is a multiplier that is essential. Your first set will likely yield 3 points. The string disappears and new numbers randomly fall in. If you can find/make a new sequence, you'll get those 3 points times two. After that, times 3. Etc.

According to the game makers, the highest multiplier so far was times 212. Phenomenal!

How is that possible? Pops. These are earned and then used - strategically.

The Leaderboard has 2 categories: Total High Score and Total High Score without Using Pops. I played this game for a week, without even realizing Pops existed. At the moment, I'm #2 in that department.

Treple has a lot going for it: simple to learn, great graphics and interesting concept. If you're careful, one game can take 45 minutes.

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