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Friday, October 7, 2016

Oggoelement by Olivier Darmon Free

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Oggoelement by Olivier Darmon  is a puzzle app game that is similar to Lunar Lockout.

The object is to pair up Your Men by sliding them until they hit an obstacle.  They do not have to crash into each other; they simply need to land adjacent to one another.

There are 18 free levels.  After that, $.99 buys 72 more.

What's interesting:

1. Some pillars can be tapped out of existence.

2. Directional arrows force the movement to one direction.

3. The art/graphics are very good.

4. There's no undo button, which is annoying. But that's okay because I really like this game.

5. These puzzles are tough!
6. Of the 90 levels I've solved 49 and am stuck. These puzzles are very well designed.

7. Looking at the Leaderboard - nobody is playing this. Only 12 people have finished the first set of free puzzles. C'mon puzzlers, show some support. This game is free with no ads.

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1 comment:

  1. I will download it straight away... Any mention of Lunar Lockout gets me hooked immediately! :-)