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Friday, October 28, 2016

SpreadSet by Chen Xue Free

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
SpreadSet from Chen Xue was a surprise for me.  Look at the 2nd image. The object is to Spread a ribbon from the 16 square to cover all the squares.  Yawn.
iPhone Screenshot 4
Then I realized that level 7 or 8 was impossible. Until I realized that one ribbon can push another ribbon out of the way, if there's room.

There are only 25 levels, which I love!  I was stuck on level 18 for a couple of days. Must have attempted it 30 times.  At the moment I'm stuck on 23.

The graphics aren't great, but that's fine.


  1. Hi Tom, are you fine? A week without posting? Hope so.

  2. Angel Dust,

    thanks for your concern. I'm find. Just been busy.

  3. Tom,

    Unless the developer is using a different publishing alias, this game (first released in August 2016) appears to be a clone of a paid game called Maze -- spread puzzle developed by Zhonghui Chen first released back in December 2015.

    This is a case of either frank plagiarism by a different developer or duplicate releases from the same developer under different accounts.

    You should check it out and post a follow-up.

  4. Shy,

    I was wondering the same thing. According to the App Store, the two people are the same.

    One game is free!