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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

block dock! by Adem KAYIRCI $.99

block dock! comes from Adem KAYIRCI. It's very similar to Lunar Lockout from ThinkFun.  The object is to slide Your Men until they land on the target squares.
What's different:
1. When you slide one piece into another, the piece that gets bumped will then travel to a wall or another object, like in the game pool.
2. If a piece is already locked in a target square, it cannot get bumped out. But it can be moved out.
3. The Black dots are NOT wormholes. They are black holes.

There are 88 levels.  Normally, I would cruise through these rapidly. However, because of the chain reaction feature, I'm finding these to be quite challenging. Especially, when none of the targets are placed on the perimeter.

Multiple times I made a mistake, but there's no 'undo' button. My mistake! There is an undo button. But it only undoes 1 move only.

At the moment, level 49 is proving to be quite difficult.

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  1. Hmmm.... I just went to download it, and it said “Preorder: expected 22nd November”. I don’t know whether or not this is a Europe/US difference, or what... But I am looking forward to it becoming available! (-:

  2. Yes! Sorry. Aden sent me a promo code. Which is a good reminder to other developers: send me a promo code.