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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cross the Line Puzzle Game: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Cross the Line Puzzle Game is another topology puzzle app game.  The idea is to cross each bridge once.  Kind of easy if you know the key on where to start and where to finish. On higher levels, the idea is to cross each bridge a specific number of times.

There are some variations - and they're good!  Houses and Colors is challenging.  Cross a yellow bridge to turn yellow, then find the yellow house and tap it.  Very clever & tricky.

Another theme of Houses and Colors is called Tolls. In Tolls, you must collect a coin from each house to pay a toll to cross some bridges.  Some houses have multiple coins, buy you cannot grab them all at once.  You must exit the area and return to get the 2nd coin. There is one particular level in Tolls that I've spent at least an hour on.

There are 80 levels.  I've done 69 of them. The graphics are not very good. But the puzzles are.

However, the ads are frequent. Not just after you're solving a puzzle, but in the middle. And it seems like every ad is for the evil Candy Crush. At least 10 times this happened to me: I tapped to move my man to a spot.......but a nano second beforehand, the Candy Crush ad popped open. Therefore, I actually tapped on the ad which directed me to the App Store.  Not only did it interrupt my game, it eliminated all my progress on that specific level.  Extremely annoying. I decided to turn off the wireless to play uninterrupted.


  1. BEWARE! This is a scam. That's why the ads are so aggressive.

    The original game is actually called "Seven Bridges", it was written by Zack Grossbart and is available here:

    Zack made the mistake of making it open source, putting it on GitHub:

    This has allowed scammers from around the world to sell copies of it on the App Store, filled with ads or whatnot. With a quick Google search I found at least four of those copies, "Cross The Line Puzzle Game" is just one of them.

    It's easy to recognise these scams: just check the other apps released by the same publisher. They will be a collection of repackaged apps with nothing in common.

    This kind of repackaging is commonplace on Google Play, but apparently on the App Store as well. There was an article just yesterday which is worth a read:

  2. Thanks Nicola for that information. I tried contacting the developer prior to this with zero success.

  3. Thanks for the info and the tip... I will now download Seven bridges! I was just about to comment that although it was fun, it can't be recommended on the iPhone, since on many levels the top bridges are so close to the top that they are difficult to get over/around properly.

    But now I will delete it anyway and download Seven Bridges....!

  4. Quick update: the problem I described above for Cross The Line (on the iPhone) is not a problem for Seven Bridges. Although the code is very clearly essentially the same, it is a bit better on Seven Bridges.