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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ins and Outs: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

 Andrew Kallem recently contacted me about his puzzle app game Ins and Outs - A Casual and Competitive Puzzle Game.  The object is to form a loop around all of the 'ins' while leaving all of the 'outs' outside the circle.
There are 900 free puzzles.  100 levels for the 4x4 grids, 100 for the 5x5's.....all the way up to 100 for the 12x12's.

I've done a lot of these - simply because they're addictive and fun.  The grid sizes of 7x7 and smaller - I can do those in seconds.  The 12x12's can get tricky, but not terribly so.

Ins and Outs - A Casual and Competitive Puzzle Game is unique, fun and dammit, I'm going to solve all 900 free levels. At the moment I've done about 600.


  1. You're right, easy but addictive. I'm a "Wizard" now, but trying to get to "Guru"!

  2. These kinds of iphone apps are used to improving the mind power of the child's.

  3. I love this game but playstore doesn't have it anymore.I downloaded the apk but it won't install it Anyone know why?