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Friday, November 1, 2013

Qwhizzle: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Normally, when I see math puzzles, I'm skeptical.  Qwhizzle is a free puzzle app game similar to the card game 24.

Look at the first image. See the 3 lit up on the bottom? That's your target.  To get it, you must swipe 6-3 in that order.  This is not a 'tap the numbers' action.

Scrutinize the bottom of the first image. You are given 10 targets and a limited amount of time.  The tiles cannot be swiped more than once.

I've spent a couple of hours on Qwhizzle. I am impressed at the level of difficulty, particularly on the 3x3 grids. It's simple math, but the time pressure makes it fun and challenging.

Here's a slight negative: in order to play the 3x3 grids, you must accumulate a certain number of points on the 2x2's. Of course, you can purchase points and stars with real money.

Qwhizzle may be the best math puzzle app game of 2013.

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