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Monday, November 25, 2013

Tunga Bunga: free online puzzle game from SmartLive

 Raf Peeters has created numerous puzzles for Smart Games Live over the years.  His latest has a caveman theme: Tunga Bunga is the title.

The object is to place the tiles onto to the board so that the hungry bear cannot escape off the grid.

Look at the example below: note the pieces can be rotated. You really just need to block off the two exits. But every piece must be placed onto the board.

There are 72 levels in the easy, medium and hard levels.  I did a few of the easy ones then jumped to the expert levels and did 9 of the 24. These are challenging! You are given the same 4 pieces every time.

Tunga Bunga is the perfect game for elementary school kids. I can imagine teachers letting their students play this as a reward.


  1. I can't find in the App Store... I live in Europe, so there is a possibility that it is not available in Europe... I searched for "Tunga" and got nothing, and nothing either whenI tried Smart Games Live ("Smart games" gave 1000+ hits! and I didn't feel like trawling through them all). Have now tried on both my iPad and my iPhone. Does anyone else have this problem?

  2. Hi Robert. This game is not in the App Store but on their website, You can still play it as a webapp on your iPhone en iPad though.